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Intuition Coaching

Intuition is your guide.

Do you have an interest in connecting with your intuition and defining what that means for you? Intuition as a concept can carry different meanings for different people, leading to potential confusion. While it's commonly referred to as a "gut feeling" or an instinctive knowing without a clear rationale, these definitions, while not incorrect, provide a limited understanding of how we can effectively tap into this well of wisdom in our lives.  

In this 12-week program we will work together to:

  • Learn how to understand intuition not as an "ask and answer" process but rather a tuning in and collaboration with the rhythm of your own nature and the rhythm of nature in general

  • Build trust as you develop clarity around your needs, wants and desires

  • Begin to feel grounded in self-knowledge and how to traverse your own unique emotional and intuitive landscape 

  • Cultivate resiliency through practicing surrendering to what is not within your control and taking compassionate action towards the things that matter to you

  • Explore tools and resources (i.e. the Tarot, ritual, movement, books, communities, etc.) that can assist you in building a relationship with your intuition

  • Develop guided meditations that are customized and personal to you that can be recorded with my voice so you can access them at any time 

You are a good candidate for this program if:

  • You are interested in beginning a relationship with your intuition or you have a long history of being in touch with your intuition and could use extra support and witnessing

  • You feel overwhelmed, fearful or confused by the concept of intuition but are curious to learn more

  • You are ready to dedicate time and patience towards the unfolding of your intuitive process

What's included:

  • All sessions are currently virtual and held on a HIPPA compliant platform

  • 75 minute initial session, followed by 11 hour long sessions either once or twice per week.

  • Each session will be goal oriented with space for processing and integration of learning

  • Upon completion of the program you will receive a personalized set of journal prompts, worksheets, meditations and/or readings based upon our work together

  • Assistance with exploring and identifying next steps


$1,825.00 for the full 12 weeks 

If paying in full, a discount of one free session would apply, making the total cost $1,675.00 

Please inquire about availability for sliding scale or payment plans

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